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Monochrome photography is photography where each position on an image can record and show a different amount of light, but not a different hue. It includes all forms of black-and-white photography, which produce images containing tones of neutral grey ranging from black to white. Other hues besides grey, such as sepiacyan or brown can also be used in monochrome photography. In the contemporary world, monochrome photography is mostly used for artistic purposes and certain technical imaging applications, rather than for visually accurate reproduction of scenes.

This package hires me for a total of no more than 4 hours. I will travel to your location with a portable studio set-up with black and white backdrops and light stands. You can use up to four different outfits for this session.


  • This package requires a light-studio setup, so please have enough space to set up lights and backdrops.
  • You are responsible for HMU artists.
  • You will be able to select up to 20 photos.
  • All chosen photos will be professionally edited and retouched at no additional cost.
  • A $1 per mile fee will be added to all shoots outside of the first 30 miles from Austin, Texas.
  • Willing to sign NDA for a $150 fee since I won’t be able to use the material.

Turn-around for this package is typically less than 24 hours. All photos will be edited and cropped to be social media-ready. You will also receive a copy of the uncropped, but edited, photos to use as you wish.

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