Isolation Doesn’t Mean Loneliness | Opinion

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There is an energy in the air that is hard to ignore. With as many people in isolation, panicking over the current state of affairs in the world, the somber feeling can be felt in the air. The thing is that there many who are not as keen on sensing this, and that is okay. I am happy for those of you who can’t sense the energy around you, for it is not positive.


But I’m not writing this blog to complain more about the already negative situation, but rather to share some positive insights about how things have the potential to get better if you change the way you look at things around you. As an example, let’s talk about isolation. Because for one, you don’t have to trapped indoors to be isolated.

Isolate Outside!

Personally, I already did not like gatherings with people. A perfect day for me consists of going out to Barton Springs, in Austin, Texas. Well, to be a little more specific, I like going into the Green Belt. An area that is roughly 800 acres big. The perfect place to isolate yourself in such a big city. There are a few hidden spots on tops of cliffs that are rather difficult to access. In fact, in the next couple of days, I’m gonna take the time to make that tedious trek once more. Mostly because I miss the solitude from atop the hills.

But that’s the thing, being alone doesn’t mean that you have to be lonely. Learning how to embrace solitude will help you grow as a person, actually. Which is why I believe it will be a silver lining out of this ordeal. I believe that if we take the time to not just isolate ourselves but to actually take the time to reflect on who you are as a person, you will emerge as a better person after this pandemic is over.

Stay Off Cliff Sign by Look Out Point

Learn About Yourself

The reality is that most of us do not really know who we truly are, or what we really are capable of doing. And that’s mostly because a lot of us have never had the chance to sit down for a while and reflect. The world around us has been moving at such a fast pace for so long, and we got used to it. We got used to not thinking things through because it became part of a routine, and I am not different, truth be told. Which is why I am now writing blogs on my site instead of making a Facebook that will more than likely cause a fight. But I digress…

The point that I am trying to make is that right now is the time to take the lemons we were given, and make sweet lemonade with it. Hell, why not? Cut those lemons up, and pucker them up after you take a shot of tequila. Because if you don’t come out of this with a new sense of self-image, then you are not taking advantage of the situation the right way. After this passes over you should, at the very least, have a new hobby, learned a new skill, read a whole book, started a side hustle, or learned more about yourself. Because if none of those things happen, the lack of time was never your problem, but rather lack of discipline.

Find Your Silver Lining

I know we all have different backgrounds and points of view. From religious perspectives to political affiliations. And that is okay. Whatever you are into, you should prepare to find a way to make the best of it. As an example, I trade stocks on a regular basis. It’s something that I’ve been doing for a little over a year now, and I am rather decent at it. But that’s not the point of this. The point is that because of the extra time I now have in my hands, I have taken the time to learn more about how the market REALLY works. And despite the “downfall of the economy” I have managed to leverage out different options to maintain myself even. Something that I would not have learned if it weren’t for the abundance of time I now posses since most of my peer-to-peer gigs have fallen through.

At first, having all of my upcoming photoshoots and events canceled for the summer get canceled in less than a week seemed like the worst thing in the world. But I learned a few lessons from that. And the most important lesson is to make sure you add an addendum in your contract about cancellation fees. Secondly, you should always have a plan for the worst-case scenario. Which is exactly what I have done to protect myself for the future, in the off chance something of this magnitude were to happen again.

Another thing that I discovered, is that writing is a great way to pass time. And better yet, I’m learning that my audience loves to read. Which, by the way, if you have gotten this far, I would like to thank you. The fact that you have taken the time to read through an opinion piece means a few different things to me. For one, it means that somehow you are so bored that this is still a better thing for you to do than to just stare at social media feed. And quite frankly, I don’t blame you.


Above All Else, Stay Safe

I know that the original plan for this blog was to explain in some detail what it means to be alone, but not lonely. However, that is not something that I can teach you. I have learned to be that way due to certain life events that lead to that type of character development. But do I want to leave you with one question that should at the very least ponder upon. When you are alone, do you feel lonely? If the answer is yes, then you have some work to do.