About Me

Eddie Rodriguez,

     I am an established photographer and writer who specializes in social media marketing and content creation for all types of needs. I have been in the video and photo industry for over a decade and have worked alongside other professionals in the industry across the U.S.

Several of my projects, photos, and videos have been used for numerous organizations for either marketing or personal purposes. Which is how I got started in this industry. I cater to a market that wants to thrive and succeed, in areas such as modeling, music videos, business management, social media content creation, branding, and more. Not only will I provide you with the content you need, but I will also show you how to implement a marketing strategy to really take advantage of your new content to help you thrive.

More than anything else, I am here to tell stories through imagery. Please take the time to go over the packages that I offer and select the one that truly meets your needs.

Let’s Create Something Together!

Eddie Rod